How To Use Online Dating Sites To Find A Date In Melbourne?

Thursday, October 04, 2018


The best Australian dating place happens to be Melbourne. Dating in Melbourne is exciting, with a lot of Aussie singles to keep your interest going. So how is Aussie dating different from popular dating sites from other parts of the world? The answer is pretty simple; Aussies have a love for life and adventure that cannot be rivaled in its entirety and wholesomeness. Modern online dating does have the benefits of saving you time in meeting and greeting other interested people of the opposite gender, and with the rise in mobile apps, it is increasingly becoming easier to find a date for the weekend or a regular boyfriend/girlfriend.

Dating in Melbourne through apps

We have all used those wildly popular apps where you need to go swiping left or right as you chance upon appealing pictures of seductive women in skimpy clothing, leaving little to the imagination. Use of filters and enhanced photo editing make them look like a sumptuous treat, and going by my personal experience, quite a lot of these women do live up to the hype they generate with their pictures. Then you also have other local dating sites which are more city- specific, in this case, Melbourne. You really need to be at your best if you want to bag the goodies! That means your profile on dating sites has to be just perfect, your interests and likes should be ones that the other person would like to know about, and the fact that you have adequate time to devote to dating, which, in Melbourne is chiefly during the weekends. So once you have found a date with the help of an online dating site, how do you take the relationship forward? We’ll explore that in the sections below.

The initial days

In many cultures, the first or the second meeting can signal the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But in Australia, and especially Melbourne, you and your date may actually do a lot of related activities before officially announcing to the world that you are an item. For example, the first time you meet, it will in all probability not be a formal date. There is a high chance that your girl will suggest that you meet in a group of friends, or else suggest some activity that both of you take a pleasure in. And once you start to enjoy the feeling of being with the other person, either of you can suggest taking the relationship further on to more stable territory.
Unlike America, Australia does not have a huge pick-up culture. People in general will want to know a little more of you, your likes and interests and the kind of person you are, before they evince an interest in hanging out in your company. So instead of direct pick-up lines, use normal conversation to start with.  Once you see that she is responding favorably to you, you can ask her out on a formal date the next time.

Where do I take my date for the date?

There is no shortage of interesting places in Melbourne. If you are adventurous, you could try a session on the massive interconnected trampolines at Bounce Inc. There is also the X-park challenge course for you to spend a very interesting and engaging time. The themed ‘Underground Cinema’ is famous in Melbourne. You need to dress up, pick up your date for the evening and meet at an undisclosed location, where a mystery movie will be screened, and it could be anywhere, from a worn down warehouse to a long forgotten music hall.

Other interesting places in Melbourne for dates

If you want your date to be an out of the world experience, the Melbourne Planetarium beckons. The 16 m dome ceiling is perfect for reclining under, cozying up to your date, while awesome audio-visual displays play out the mysteries of the universe.
Okay, the next suggestion is not for all people. But if you have fun on your mind, you can try a visit to Noisy Rituals, which is the only urban winery in Melbourne. You can have a foot-stomping time as you dance on grapes, and indulge in a bit of childish fun, there are also barrel tastings and wine making workshops for your benefit.
Icebar Melbourne is the only ice bar in the country and you can snuggle up with your date in custom fit warm clothes as you knock back one drink after the other.

The bottom-line

Online dating is the same in Melbourne as it is in other parts of the world, and only differs in the aspect that you have to be polite and willing to listen to the other person. If you make a connection online and feel it is worthwhile for the long run, go for it; Melbourne has all the ingredients to make your relationship a success.

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