5 Ways to Set Your Conversation on Fire

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Ever need to strike a conversation? Spice a dinner up? Are you feeling like you need a good discussion, but when it comes down to it, have no idea what you're doing?

It happens. Here are our five top ways to set your conversation on fire!

1: Don't Avoid Uncomfortable Discussions

The only way that you're going to get to know someone is if you both really talk so don't avoid any uncomfortable discussions, from past relationships to the color of panties she's wearing. You're doing your relationship a disservice by it.

Be ready to talk about everything, because if you are, you're going to not only have amazing conversation, but a strong, healthy relationship.

2: Observe

Sometimes the funniest things are right in front of you, so be observant when you're out. Make jokes about someone in front of you in line (Quietly, or in the car), notice what she's wearing, and don't be afraid to point things out.

Most men aren't very observant they spend their entire lives sort of floating around, going from place to place but never seeing where exactly they are. If you show her that you're observant, while making great conversation, not only will you have things to talk about, but you'll impress her, too.

3: Get To The Serious Issues

Small talk is great, when you're getting coffee, filling up the car with gas, or something else entirely. But you know, when all is said and done, small talk gets you nowhere fast.

When you're craving good conversation, get to the deeper issues than what she ate for dinner last night, or what she was wearing yesterday. Talk about something that really means a lot to you like the fight against cancer or Alzheimer's, animal testing, or something else entirely.

You should never be afraid to talk about the serious issues facing you, because if you are, you're probably not with the right person. Be open it makes a difference.

4: Ask Questions to Get Answers

Anyone can ask questions like 'how was your day' and 'what do you like to eat', but not everyone can ask the more serious questions, like 'what was your life like growing up', 'do you ever sleep with old boyfriends', or something else entirely.

Ask the questions to get the answers, and bloom the subjects to more. Don't be afraid to give detailed answers to the questions that she asks, too it's the only way to get good conversation.

5: Share Your Views

The big thing that guys are afraid of is sharing their views with other women. They think that, if they have a different political view, or like a different basketball team, the woman in question will think less of them.

Nothing is farther from the truth. They want to know what you're feeling, what you like, and who you're voting for. Even if you have different thoughts, you can make a relationship work.


Share yourself for good conversation. Experiment with topics, try something new, and always ask questions. It's the only way a real conversation can get off the ground!

Reference : conversation_skills.pdf

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