Dating Advice: Do you believe In The Law Of Attraction

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I love talking with you about how to find love because I know how important a loving relationship is for most of us women.

And how does that saying go?
There’s more than one way to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’
So, today let’s focus on the law of attraction to find your Mr. Right.
I want to be totally transparent and tell you I do believe in attracting love. But the problem is that most people really don’t understand how to do this.
So that is what you are going to learn about today. It’s powerful when you use it in the exact right way.
I want to begin with a simple demonstration that I know you’ll relate to.

You know when you decide it’s time to buy a new car and you start seriously thinking about the exact model and make you want…
All of a sudden you start noticing that exact car everywhere you drive?

I remember a few years back I decided I wanted a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Car. It seemed like everywhere I drove I would see Corvette’s.

Now the question is:
Did I attract all those Corvette’s?
Or were they always on the road…but I just didn’t notice them?
The answer is…Yes and Yes.
I did attract them and Corvette’s were always on the road.
So is attracting a quality man into your life any different than attracting my Corvette into my life?
Not really!
But here is the key to understanding how the law of attraction really works.
You must first tap into the emotion plus envision every detail of what it is that you want to attract into your life.
So, when you want to attract a quality man…
You need to start by getting into the emotion of how you would feel with this amazing guy in your life.
You know that emotion of infatuation you had when you met your first true love?
The emotion of infatuation feels like you’re ‘high’ on love. It’s the surge of hormones that create that feeling of being ecstatically happy.
These are the emotions within yourself that you want to get in touch with.
As an example…
Visualize the details of being with your soul mate.
You could be walking on the beach, having candle light dinners, dancing to romantic music and travelling together to exotic destinations.
These were my visualizations before I met my soul mate.
Yours may be different, but you get the idea…right?
I gotta be honest… this takes some practice.
It’s like a meditation.
Just sit quietly and feel those emotions in your body and envision being with your ideal mate.
After you do this a few times… you’ll start to look forward to these visualizations.
Do this for at least10 minutes every day so you will stay focused on those ‘good’ feelings.
Actually, a great side effect is everything in your life will start to improve as you continue to increase these hormones that make you feel positive.
The other thing that will help you is a vision board.
Use magazines to cut out pictures of all the things you would want to do with your ideal partner.
It could be the house you would share, entertaining together, cooking or playing golf together… make it everything you want your life to be with this man.
Put these pictures on a cork board or some people like to use a mirror so your visions reflect back to you. You can get as creative as you want to display your visions.
Put your vision board in a place where you will see it every day as another reminder of what you will soon be attracting into your life.
Now here is the MOST important thing you must do to use the law of attraction effectively…
Start to pay close attention to your thoughts.
That means get conscious about what you think about every day.
This takes practice but if you make it a priority you can do it and soon it will become a part of your consciousness.
I think you’ll be surprised by all the negative thoughts that are running around in your head.

Everyone has these negative thoughts but most people are not conscious of them and
don’t realize they are the roadblocks to getting what we really desire in life.
But once you become conscious of these thoughts …you will have the power to shift them to thoughts that will help you get exactly what you desire to have in your life.
This exercise is powerful and is the key to the attraction process of finding true love.
What you’ll discover will be the key to attracting love… your thoughts are probably focused on NOT having a quality man in your life.
You are most likely focused on all the jerks you’ve met and telling yourself that all the good men must be taken.
Or men your age are more interested in younger women.
Maybe you tell yourself that you’re too old, too fat or too whatever and that’s why you can’t meet a good guy.
Or fill in the blank of whatever it is you tell yourself about not meeting quality men.
Here is what has to change
For the law of attraction to work you need to shift your thoughts to what you want in your life… not to what you don’t want.
Here’s a great metaphor to help you remember what you’re focused on.
A friend of mine loves motorcycles and teaches motorcycle safety. He also conducts personal development workshops and he used this metaphor in a workshop I attended.
He said that when you are driving a motorcycle and see a large rock in the middle of the road just ahead of you… there is the tendency to focus on the rock.
But if you focus on the rock you will inevitably hit it, you won’t be able to avoid the accident from happening as long as you keep your focus on the rock.
He teaches that a motorcycle driver must train his mind to focus on where he wants to go… not where he doesn’t want to end up… hitting the rock.
I love this image and use it a lot when I notice my mind is focused on what I don’t want, rather than on what I do want.
So when you find your focus is on not having a loving relationship in your life…
Immediately shift your focus to what it would feel like right now to have the relationship you want in your life and stay focused on those feeling.
Here’s what’s amazing…
The law of attraction absolutely works when you understand how to use it.
I should know…
Because this was how I met my ideal partner!

And my life today is even more than I could have ever imagined.
Once I shifted my thinking to focus on my ideal partner and really got into the emotions and details of what I wanted… he showed up.
So today I write this article from my magical home on the largest lake in Mexico that I share with my awesome husband…who has taught me how to enjoy life’s adventures.
So I leave you with an important question.

Are you focused on the quality man you want in your life or are you focused on the lack of a good man in your life?

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