5 Reasons Why Being In An Interracial Relationship Is Still So Difficult

Monday, January 11, 2016

These days, interracial relationships are pretty much in the limelight, and nearly every single person has had their say on the matter, which has generally been fairly positive. Now, interracial dating aren’t seen as taboo, or something out of the ordinary. White men are no longer afraid or ashamed of being seen out in public with black women, and the same is the case for black men who are dating white women.

However, regardless of the acceptance of interracial relationships in recent times, it is still not easy being in a bi-racial or interracial relationship. We look at some of the reasons that make it so difficult:

1.The Mystery Surrounding The Kids

The first and most obvious concern for many people who are looking at interracial relationships is the factor surrounding the kids, especially what they would look like. It doesn’t matter whether or not the interracial couple has expressed any interest or desire in having children. The questions and mystery surrounding the color of the kids, their eyes, and even what type of culture they will be exposed to are all matters that make it difficult for interracial couples to be in a relationship.

2.Strangers Or Acquaintances Make Offensive Assumptions

The general consensus amongst most people whenever they see an interracial couple is that one of them or both of them have some sort of a fetish. It is one of the most degrading things that interracial couples in relationships have to deal with, since their relationship is seen as something that is purely sexual and nothing to do with compatibility or love.

3.The Expectation That It’s A Big Deal

The stigma and the stereotypes that have existed for so long about interracial relationships will take a long time to go away completely. Even though the general public is much more open and accepting of interracial relationships, for most people, it is still a big deal. That leads to infuriating inquiries about whether the parents approve or the “what type of person would want to date someone from the other race” looks that people give interracial couples.

4.When Some People Fake It Being Cool And Actually Make It Weird

This is something that interracial couples actually hate more than anything else. It is when their friends or the group that they are hanging out with, fake it that they are all cool about them, but their paranoia about the whole thing actually makes it super awkward for everyone. It also leads to compliments that seem over the top and it all seems like a fa├žade that has been designed not to hurt their feelings, but is actually pretty insulting for any interracial couple.

5.You Become More Self-Aware And Socially Conscious

Even though people are accepting of interracial dating, being in one can seem almost too stressful for some people. This is down to the fact that the social stigma and stereotypes around their relationships have made them more self-aware and socially conscious. When you are focusing so much on others and being accepted in society, it can be difficult to focus completely on making your relationship work.
Image Credit :scienceofrelationships

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