How to read his / her body language for HIV singles

Thursday, December 10, 2015

If you are planning to date then getting someone for your choice via the internet is nowadays just a matter of few mouse clicks. There are online HIV dating sites that give you the chance to choose a partner from the comfort of the home. But then after chatting once or twice; if you find the partner you would surely want to have an in-person dating. The body language signals will help you understand where you stand with your date.

Figuring out the first date

Body language is the strongest sign to calibrate flirting. It’s there into our biology and at all times reveals how we feel. If you can read a person’s nonverbal cues, you can go sky-high in an interaction smoothly. Movements of the arms and hands can decode a person’s feel. If a guy licks his lips on a first date, is it because he is more interested in a physical relation. A pointing finger during communication often points to aggression. Squeezes of the arm or shoulder, hand-holding or a hug are positive gestures. Crossing arms, leaning or turning away, inflexibility and minimum eye contact are signs of negativity.

Rocks back and forth

A person who rocks back and forth shows signs of unsteadiness. Notice if the partner is half staying and half running away. Notice the person’s positioning. We feel drawn towards people we feel comfortable with. Whether the partner stays or moves closer when you move closer? If the person moves further away when you move close, it is obvious that the partner displays close body language to you. In an open body language, you would find the partner turning and facing towards you with arms uncrossed. If a lady leans into you while talking or listening, that is good. If a lady allows you to touch her or get closer; this often indicates she is prepared to be kissed.

Try to read the physical clues

There are some common physical clues that a lady displays when a woman is attracted to a man.  She softly twirls her fingers through her hair, pushes her hair back to expose her neck, twist her ring or touch her necklace, runs her hands over the neck, wrist, or thighs, and rubs her figures. If the partner sits up and becomes more attentive that shows passion and excitement. Incessantly tapping fingers or texting or phoning during the date, are signs of disinterest.

According to dating experts, nonverbal cues such as body language help give a better idea of whether or not the person is genuinely interested in you. Keeping a vigil on his actions would certainly help you take a better decision.

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