Recovery from breakup

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Breakup Recovery

Maybe you are familiar with this, a relationship you thought you wanted has has just ended, and you are feeling aches for your relationship loss.

How do you continue from here with minimal hurt?

Give yourself more time

During your healing time, most important thing is to love  yourself and take care of yourself. No one else can help you to loving yourself but you. The most reliable person is you to depend on yourself and challenge all the difficulties. Heal the pain you are feeling with love,kindness upon yourself;

Stay Healthy

There are many cases that people deal with stress by overly eating and some of them are not eating at all. Some of them feel no petite and starve my their body. When your body is not getting enough vitamins and nutrients then your energy, mood and hormones are negatively impacted. Once you started to eating properly, it would help you feel not only your body feel better but also your emotional state of mind feel better too. Your healthy living is connected to your emotional feeling, once your emotional feeling come back to normal then the rest of the problems would be sorted out as well.

Focus on your job

Are you trying to fall in love again, actually you do not have enough capacity to start new relationship, think about focusing in your job. Make yourself busy at your desk, paper work, reports, and bring enough foods to your stomach. Give more concentration at work and create new ideas and do productive work and earn a paycheck.

Put yourself around to people you love and people care about you and concern in your well-being. Only they can help you fill the lack of companionship that absent from your ex. Their companionship will help to get rid of your ex and heal the pain from the breakup.

Try to avoid staying alone for this period of time. Loneliness can keep you direct your thoughts over your ex and resurface the failure and disappointment. Best to have around people you like and care about you and energized yourself.


It's time to move on and let go of your pain, time has come to forgive yourself and your partner for all the pain that you suffer, realize yourself do the best you could do, otherwise you would have done differently. Keep saying yourself with loud voice, I forgive you and I forgive myself.

Image Credit: sundancecenter

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