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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Dating Profile Guide

Profile Questions

Many online dating users complaining that they've had no success with online dating but when I look at their profile and you will see profile pictures is not set and other details are missing. Most of the people saying “I don’t want my picture up on a dating site” . You will never find someone great to online if you do not have have enough commitment to post one picture and provide complete percentage of the fields on your profile page. Who would go out on a blind date with someone who never seen before ? Nobod would. So fill out all of the fields in dating sites, upload some of your decent photos and stop whining, because otherwise you’re standing in front of the main door and complaining about what you don’t like the house. Create your awesome dating profile now

Avoid negative language

One should avoid any negative language in your dating profile. It not a good idea to mention about an ex or how bad was past relationship when writing an online profile,and also negative words such as I hate/don't like/don' know, all sound lame and not giving any good impression.


This is also one major concern when it come to online dating. Dating users can put more information as possible on their profile until you meet someone in person, you would never know who you are going to meet. You have to keep your safe side and make people to visible your trust. Don’t be assume that all profiles have valuable information. There are many fake in dating profiles that you need to watch out for.


You don't need to stalk on social media for every online date. You might have exchanged many emails with them, do not add them on Facebook and don't follow them on Instagram.
Check your privacy settings on all of your social media such as facebook,twitter and make sure only people who actually know personally you have access to your info. Consider having a separate private account for dating account.

Do some research in Google

While your still looking around online, your last name shouldn't reveal on profile, and double check all information you proivded and clean up anything you don't want in your profile.

One thing you should not forget is about you don't know anything about the people you are meeting online, you got to be smart. They could be faking about everything they expose to you, but I certainly hope not. Who knows you are looking at false profile photos and lying about what they look like.

I belive you don't mind someone who is not decent looking showing up for date, but you should be more concert about someone different showing up for a date who looks nothing like in his profile.

These are a lot of questions and doubts, but these all need to be aware of if your are going to meet people in person who previously stalking in your computer screen.

Look for the reputable dating websites that you can trust. Before you signup, make sure to understand what information dating is asking and what you are looking from the site, one good advice is read privacy policy of the site. Move on to another if you can't find any.

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