How to deal with relationship issues and reshaping

Sunday, April 05, 2015

How to deal with relationship issues and reshaping

High expectations

Majority of women have great expectations for their dream relationships but it’s important to be feasible and agree with your partner for who they are.

Only because of religion

Resarchers say that this can be a most difficult one. You might be feeling force from family or friends in your same community to stay together. However, it’s not a great idea to be together with somebody because you both has the same religion. If you’re not hving good communication with your other half, or you’re just not feel right that relationship anymore, best is to move on.

Communication is key

Use selfish statements when communication to others about your ideas or feelings. This create ownership of what you want  which establishes a strong and very direct position.
Self disclose at slow and steady speed is the key of sharing your thoughts and feelings with other people you love. Exposing too much information too soon also cause you to feel overly vulnerable and the other party to feel hesitate and obligated. Always take your time and increase your rate of exposing as you get to know the person better.

Be positive and interested

When you do not like somebody it is time to share your feeling with your colleagues but this is just the time for diplomacy. Gossiping can kill your morale and productivity, however it could hurt the other person, it can also impact your own believe. If you want to unload your feelings, then you should find someone you trust or family member who will listen and understand you to listen your feelings safely.


Many of the couples mistakenly called as panic attacks, Self Esteem sometime lead to depression and devastation. This is common for people who suffer from low self esteem, Self Esteem happen when a person perceives she has done or said something insensitive or ridiculous. Because of these periods of self-behaving the low self esteem sufferer from things as:
1) Refrain from activities
2) always alone and not share ideas or perceptions for afarid of saying something wrong
3) never communicate with others because of rejection
4) stick with same job because of feelings of security
5) staying in a negative relationship because of afarid to be alone.


Many broken relationship start from lie or stupid deal or gambled or chat. Sometimes people make mistakes however many mistakes are fixable. Key to reshaping from a betrayal relationsip is a strong commitment to change in the partner and the total support of the other party. Only together can help you work through the emotional problems of reconstruction trust and provide you a way for making sure the same behaviour never happens again. This can make a marriage to come out even stronger.
Breaking promises, lying, cheating, stealing etc., such violations of trust are always ended up in relationship problems and is a main reasons of fail relationship. Trust in a love  or relationship is broken for multiple times, issues are accumulate and decreases the motivation of staying together. Couples in earlier love relationships should learn to balance their differences and even survive a any emotional affair without having anger or bitterness.


Jealousy is hard to control in relationship,I know, it appear to happen by itself, out of our control, resurface witout invitated. A little jealousy is fine and it might turn into exciment but when it jump into another level, it immediately need to control by your partner, otherwise it will turns into unnecessary fire and making both parties unhealthy. You know if you have problems with jealousy, it’s important that you examine and deal with the root issue rather than trying to control them, which is usually start to concern about security. That insecurity might be lead to your childhood and past relationship where you have bad experience or incidents in the past of your current relationship.

Bad Moods

According to an research saying, "One day you're a peacock; the next day you're a feather duster." On Peacock Days when everything is going well with your way, it's easy to show love. It's easy to keep promises and joy and allow disappointments and pieces of anger to remove and to move quickly repair.

On Feather Duster Days, thing are going to difficult. You simply put yourself into bad mood. You should ask yourself about bad mood affects your work performance,your time, your family members, the way you treat your colleagues and co-worker? Ask yourself a question "How did i respond to my partner"?

If you want to have most trusted and healthy in your relationship, you need to keep your generosity and promises, manners intact even when you're feeling low. Remember, you can start the changes for your relationship issues regardless of your partner is doing. Once you start your focus to gain enormous power to affect both of your relationship and your own well-being.

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