Dating Advice for men and women

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

dating advice

Every one know first impressions is important than everything else, here are few tips to make everything work

What you Order

It is not a good idea order most expensive meal on menu or order multiple dishes and pricey drinks. At then end of the day, other party may quickly decide that the guy is not right for you. It would be very inconvenient to let him know you are not interested but he have spent half his paycheck for first date.

Open Minded

One imprtant rule we learnt from man and woman are go into date with open mind. Your date may be completely different from the person that you are expecting, but do not worry, there are countless older couples who have been married for more than 60 were completely different from each other.

Age difference

There are many mature women who are intered to dating with a younger one out of curiosity or want to learn how it feels like to dating a younger guy. Who knows, she might be your ideal partner.


Some people feeling nervous on date, the piece of advice is be yourself with open hear and mind, but also have desire to have fun. Your date might not be right one this time but still be kind, attentive and do your best to have a good time.

No Complain

This doesn't mean you should not tell your partner that he/she is making you feel uncomfortable. The way you use of your tone and phrases are making you different here.

Reveal too much personal information

There are plenty of chances to share your personal details once you get to know each other. Try not to reveal too much personal information to put yourself into risky situation.


Researcher say perfect first dates should be take place during the day time, plan for active activies such as hiking, snow boarding. If everything goes well, you can continue with dinner.

Leadership Skills

Woman tend to rely on someone who can make up his mind and make right decision in relationship. Most woman don't like to take the lead, so polish your leadershipo skill and show your woman of choice

No dirty tricks

Some people use techniques to win a hart, be suspect and stay away from players. Listen everyting he says and find any gap to figure out whether your partner is real person or player.

Simple things but difficult to follow

  • Arrive one time, be considerate
  • Gree in a nice way, firm handshake, a kiss on the cheek or depends on your culture
  • Don't drunk on date
  • Be friendly to waiters
  • Think positive
  • Create sense of humor and have a good time

You can also take the dating advice from someone expert or someone who care about you

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