Awesome dating profile for dating website users

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Awesome dating profile

Your User Name

Everything counts in your opener, also your user name. Save Ange20015 for your office or home computer. Your dating profile name should be anonymous but also descriptive.
One study of research in wwww demonstrated that selective nicknames or handles highly influence the impressions others develop of the person using them.
These little words count!

Profile Photo

"If your photos are horrible it doesn't matter what's in your profile: they won't stick around to check you out." Your visual first impression is truly important. Also points out an common mistake in many dating profiles can easily be fixed:
1)poor image quality. "If the light balance is off or if there's another careless mistake take a better photo."
2)weird selfie-behind-the-wheel-shot included on so many guys' profiles.
Congratulations on having access to a many vehicles but it's not really an eye catching image for potential partners.

Finally, it's perfectly fine to post pictures of yourself that cast you in an attractive, interesting, and fun light. If you're not sure which traits to promote through your online photos, reflect on what makes you different from everyone else around you.
Whatever it is for you—maybe that quirky sense of humor or your obsession with reality television—that's part of who you are, and you don't have to explain or justify it.

Your profile details

Men focus on the profile photo more than what you say. So keep your profile clean and unique but you don't need to over do it.
Just describe a few nice sentences describing how you have standards, what you are looking for, things you like to do, and what you are generally all about. Since men send the first email 75% of the time according to POF it is best to create a profile that allows a man to break the ice based off something you wrote, just don't go overboard because your picture will determine if you get an email or not. In all honesty, online dating advice and online dating tips for women profiles really are that basic…don't over complicate it.

Grammer count too

A common issue when it comes to profiles is poor grammar. Ladies and gentlemen, always make sure to double-check your spelling. Paste your profile answers into a word document before submit and make sure to go throught with spell checker.

What you are looking for

I sees some profiles saying ‘You will not be asked to get me a beer while I watch TV,' or ‘You won't be holding my purse while I'm shopping for shoes'. Really good if it focuses on the other person.
Your profile is already talking about you, so you might want to consider saveing some space for your potential partner. And just because you put in ‘funny and outgoing' on your profile, doesn't mean you can expect the same from a potential match.
The tip is to consider your audience. It's all love and romance for women but men are more logic and reason.


We attract what we put out into the world. If you are trying too hard to be noticed, you will attract the type of people who are attracted to fluff, not you. So be yourself, and create your own online dating profile now.

Image Credit: sofeminine

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